Sheesha traveller

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As I slowly pulled the sheesha hose away I pouted my lips and my little tongue played with the ring-shaped smoke that I blew. I leaned over to the man sitting across my comfy cushioned sofa and handed him the hose, eyes fixed upon his beautiful dreamy eyes partly covered by those adorable soft curls of his hair.

“Honey and peach… or if you want something sweeter…”

Must’ve been the cheesiest line ever but our lip-locking session would not have finished had the polite waiter not remind me gently, “Your flight is leaving Abu Dhabi in less than an hour, Mam” following some incomprehensible Arabic.

Fast-forward to 4 hours later. Lights were out. Everyone fast asleep. 24,000 ft off the ground.

The SJ Unforgivable scent on his neck was mixed with tiny drops of sweats, and as I licked his neck I could feel his pheromones, so controlling and so demanding. I placed my hand on his chest in a failed attempt to push him away and yet I could feel his heartbeat, stronger and stronger with every kiss and every touch. My lips encircled his full bottom lip, bit it lightly and slowly sucked it, letting out a mild moan of ecstasy as his hand climbed up my leg reaching for my panties.

Keeping my thongs on, he slid it sideways, and tightened the bloodstream to my most private areas. The extra thrill of shagging with your clothes on sent me miles closer to pure bliss. His fingers rubbed against my (very) wet pussy, toying around with it, teasing me, pushing me away when we both knew we wanted it. badly.

This time I successfully pushed myself away from him, stood up, and turned my back around. In one swift motion I removed my top and unhooked my lacey bra. Pushing my breasts closer together with one arm that also covered my pointy hard nipples, I picked up the soft airline blanket and covered myself with it, joining the 2 ends of the cloth together just under the cleavage. I made a signal with my finger and he followed me. Continue reading


How to get a condom in Indonesia (part 1)

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Can you buy condoms in Indonesia without being judged? Where??

But how many people actually engage in safe sex in Indonesia? A quick look around the Indonesian sex blogs shows that none of these erotica stories ever mentions condoms.

It’s gonna be my mission during my short stay there next week! … if I don’t get too distracted ūüėČ

one, two, three… (part 1)

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Our social was fun: booze, bowling, more booze, head back to town, even more booze… But I needed something more. Singledom can be either very boring, or very exciting. I choose the latter. Last week’s trip to London was definitely exciting, but not quite satisfying (more on that later). So tonight’s the night.

I switched to another bar, for any bar that is renowned for its cheap booze is always compromised ¬†on the eye-candy sector. And I’m not that pissed, not yet at least. A few eyes followed as I walked in. Blacks, Asians, a group of drunk college freshers on some fancy dress party, ummmm whatever. Joined my friend who is an excellent popper, who is already attracting some crowd.

I noticed a cutie dancing in the proximity, donning a white shirt, black tie, and grey cardigan, top with a Fedora hat. Soon ¬†my friend gave me a tap on the shoulder, his finger pointing at the aforementioned cutie. I gave him a nod, “I know.”¬†¬†Planning a strategy when you are half-pissed was not as easy as I thought, but before I could make my move on cutie, a pair of strong hands grabbed my hips. Instinctively I swayed slowly to the music, and like a typical school boy pretty soon I could feel his boner poking through his jeans, and it became more and more obvious each time my thin slinky dress brush against him. Curious, I looked up and saw those cheeky green eyes and scruffy blonde hair. He was pretty tall, with tight abs and a pair of cute little butt cheeks. He was cutie’s friend, only a lil bit hotter, and a lil bit more wasted.

I looked at my watch, fuck! Jack’s coming to pick me up in half an hour. So I whispered to hottie’s ear who gave me a cheeky smile and I slowly but surely walked towards the loo, confident that hottie’s following close behind.

His name is John, and this is his story.
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Naked you are simple as one of your hands,
smooth, earthy, small, transparent, round. 
You’ve moon-lines, apple pathways¬†
Naked you are slender as a naked grain of wheat. 

Naked you are blue as a night in Cuba.
You’ve vines and stars in your hair.
Naked you are spacious and yellow
as summer in a golden church. 

Naked you are tiny as one of your nails;
Curved, subtle, rosy, til the day is born
And you withdraw to the underground world. 

As if down a long tunnel of clothing and of chores,
Your clear light dims, gets dressed, drops its leaves,
and becomes a naked hand again.  

Morning XXVII (Pablo Neruda) 

they are not so different afterall…

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Who ever thought that men are just like a Rubik’s cube?

  1. Rubik's cubeAt first they look interesting, you would even go miles to get hold of ’em
  2. And when you finally get ’em, you won’t let go of ¬†’em, day and night, you take ’em everywhere, even shopping…
  3. But soon you realise that there is not much they can offer
  4. And when you become good, you’ll find that you can finish ’em off within 5 mins

So if you’re stuck in a rut like me, it’s time to pack your bags and leave on a jet plane baby!!! =D